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Auto Auction Direct
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No Hassles.
No Haggling.
Great Savings.
Aged Stock Disposal
The best possible deals.
Visit our Aged Stock Disposal inventory...
1. Enter the specs of the vehicle you would like to own
2. Sit back and let us search our extensive vehicle network, inventories and auctions to deliver the perfect vehicle at the best price
3. No risk. We'll find the right vehicle for you, if not, no obligation to buy, no hassles. We'll find another one for you, no problem.

Let's begin
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Qualify for credit?
Apply now for credit via our secure online application. We will get back to you within hours.
Easy and Effortless
Auto Auction Direct proposes a purchase model that allows you to buy the vehicle of your choice at the best possible price.
Just tell us what you want and we'll get it for you.
Welcome to Autoauctiondirect.ca
We certified our vehicles...
Each of our manufacturers currently have a Certified Pre-owned program that will help give you peace of mind when choosing your vehicle.
We follow a specific detailed process when purchasing these vehicles. Each vehicle is carefully handpicked and inspected by our professionally trained buyers, then inspected by our Master Technicians and meticulously reconditioned to above industry standards.
AutoAuctionDirect.com provides you with the ability to purchase quality Volkswagen, Mazda, Volvo, Nissan and Jaguar/Land Rover vehicles below market pricing.

"Thank you autoauctiondirect.ca! I was skeptical when I saw the website stating that we can get any car you want, so I gave it a try. I was pleasantly surprised when ..."
From Pat, March 12, Ottawa

"My experience through Auto Auction Direct was great. I dealt with Mason Nihmey directly and I..."

From Miguel, March 27, Ottawa
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Maximum savings, minimum effort
Auto Auction Direct is a division of Bytek Automobiles in Ottawa. It has been established to provide our pre-owned customers with a unique purchase proposition.

No hassles, no haggling and great savings. Here is how it works:
  • You specify the year, make, model and Km range of the vehicle you are looking for

  • Our wholesale auction experts research the most recent auction selling prices at major regional auctions. The price range and other details are presented back to you

  • If the figures are agreeable, you can request that we bid on a vehicle matching your requirements and provide a minimum $500 deposit (deposit requirements will vary depending upon the value and uniqueness of the vehicle requested) See pricing

  • You may also fill out a credit application for pre approval at this time

  • You will set an agreed upon time frame for the auction search team to acquire your vehicle. This usually takes about two to three weeks for most common vehicles

  • Our auction experts will search out and bid on the best possible vehicle that meets your specifications

  • If a vehicle can be acquired, it is brought to the Auto Auction Direct affiliated dealership for your final approval. If you do not like the vehicle for any reason, you have no obligation to buy it. You will have the option to have your deposit returned or request another vehicle search. No hassle, no problems

  • If you inspect the vehicle and approve of it, the vehicle will be detailed, safety checked, e tested and prepared for delivery

  • The final cost to you will be:

      Auction purchase price  
      Standard auction fees  
    $275 est.
    $249 est.
      Safety inspection  
      E Test  
      Pre agreed markup  
      Taxes, license insurance 
    * See Pricing section for more details

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Auto Auction Direct is a division of Bytek Automobiles in Ottawa.